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Hamersley Gorge - Waterfall

 Hamersley Gorge is probably less visited than the four gorges near the Karijini Eco Retreat campsite, but this easily accessible spot is equally spectacular with its dramatic layers of folded rock, out-of this world colours and a beautiful litt ...

Karijini - Four Gorges, Weano Waterfall


Dales Gorge - Fortescue Falls

It's only 7:25AMbutit'salreadygettinghotinKarijini,sogoon - quicklyjumpinthewaterbeforethecrowdsarrive!Fortescue Falls are probably the most popular place amongst tourists visiting this part of the national park. It's perfect for a refreshing swim an ...

Dales Gorge


Dales Gorge - Circular Pool, Aerial View

See what the eagles see, fly like a bird over spectacular gorges, created over two billion years ago with nothing but wind and water.

Black Point - Surfer's Cove


Mount Ragged

Mt Ragged is an isolated peak in the Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia which can be accessed from the North - which is probably the recommended option, or South West - if you have 4WD vehicle. But be warned! The track is very rough and you a ...

Sunset at Exposed Corner near Pyungoorup Peak

If you have an early start from the Boundary Fence Track and you are not pushing to do the ridge walk in two days, I very much recommend camping at one of the two spots on the traverse of the Pyungoorup Peak. Depending on the wind direction and weath ...

Talyuberlup, 3rd Pillar

Sometimes getting lost is not a bad thing. Like some gentleman named Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.  And so I did: I diverged from the main trail l ...

Waterfall near Bells Rapids