Tomasz Judkowiak Photography

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Click on the image to view the 360-degree interactive version. Then use your mouse or keyboard arrows to move around and zoom. You can also use the control panel located in the bottom right corner of the virtual tour. Click on it to see more options like map, sharing, type of view etc.

Weano Gorge - beyond Handrail Pool


Weano Gorge - Handrail Pool


Red Gorge


Red Gorge - Canyoneers


Knox Gorge - The Chute

This waterfall is one of the first obstacles the canyoneers are challenged with on their journey to the center of the Earth. ...and no - you don't climb it up - you slide along the chute (some people might need a little push if they get stuck ;P ) an ...

Knox Gorge - The Adventure Starts Here


Kalamina Gorge


Joffre Gorge

Sometimes it's not all about being IN the gorge. I was wandering around the camp, looking for some shade to hide from the sun, and I was brought here. Sure it would be nice to cool down in the pool at the bottom of the gorge, but I couldn't resist sp ...

Joffre Gorge - the Waterfall


Hancock Gorge - below Regan's Pool

The adventure continues! Okay, so to recap: we started at the Knox Gorge, abseiled to the chute, took a 5-meter plunge into a pool, another abseil in the waterfall into another pool, paddled in the tube for a mile along the Red Gorge, climbed another ...