Tomasz Judkowiak Photography

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Waterhole - Kennedy Range

Continuing further into the gorge, I started following a dry creek bed in search for a waterhole. The bush was getting very thick, big rocks were blocking the way and it was getting harder and harder to hike. At one point I gave up and turned around, ...

Somewhere in Kennedy Range

After few kilometers of bush bashing along an overgrown and hardly used track, south form the camping area, I arrived at something that looked like an old well - or rather what's left of it. I packed my backpack with the camera gear, some snacks and ...

Sunset in the Gorges of Cape Range


Exploring Kennedy Range


Temple Gorge - Kennedy Range

Temple Gorge is a very popular spot in Kennedy Range due to its close proximity to the camping area in the national park. The visitors have the choice of two trails, left being easier and shorter. The right trail eventually reaches a seasonal pool wh ...

Unnamed Gorge - Kennedy Range

While camping at Kennedy Range, I had a chat with the campsite host and he told me about this beautiful place in one of the gorges where there are no trails and which is probably not visited by tourists at all for that very reason. I listened to dire ...

Kotka Gorge - Mt Augustus


Yardie Creek Gorge


Honeycomb Gorge - The Honeycomb


Red Sands at Big Lagoon, Cape Peron