Tomasz Judkowiak Photography

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Click on the image to view the 360-degree interactive version. Then use your mouse or keyboard arrows to move around and zoom. You can also use the control panel located in the bottom right corner of the virtual tour. Click on it to see more options like map, sharing, type of view etc.

New Zealand - Fern Forest


New Zealand - Porarari River


New Zealand - Avalanche Peak


New Zealand - Castle Hill


At the tip of Cape Peron


Mandu Mandu Gorge - Cape Range


Yardie Creek Gorge - Cape Range


Kennedy Range - Sunrise View


Old Track - Kennedy Range


Honeycomb Gorge - Sunrise

So this is one of those moments when getting up up at dawn and leaving warm sleeping bag are really worth it. It was a cold morning. I quickly packed up, had a bowl of cereal and drove to the Honeycomb Gorge. Everything was waking up with the first r ...