Tomasz Judkowiak Photography

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Click on the image to view the 360-degree interactive version. Then use your mouse or keyboard arrows to move around and zoom. You can also use the control panel located in the bottom right corner of the virtual tour. Click on it to see more options like map, sharing, type of view etc.

First Arrow - Narrow Col

 The First Arrow is in my opinion the most confusing part of the ridge walk - there's anumber of trails that split and merge, and the features used for navigation that are mentioned in Morphet guidebook all seem to look the same: like what t ...

Bluff Knoll - Over the Edge

Bluff Knoll is the highest mountain of Stirling Range and the last mountain of the Ridge Walk if approached from theEast. If you look East, you can clearly see rolling hills of Moongoongoonderup and Isongerup and further in the distance rough peaks o ...

The Farm

Winter keeps cows happy in Harvey, Western Australia. This grass looks so juicy and fresh I wouldn't mind a bite myself! It was very tempting to lay down on it and have a nap, but considering the high population of snakes in the area, I decided to mo ...

Mars Curiousity Rover - Day 2

The best way to understand how extermely difficult it was to land Curiosity on Mars and how crazy the idea seemed to be watch the video published by JPL: Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

Third Arrow - Central Gully

The Third Arrow is like an oasis for bush walkers hiking along the ridge: it has the most reliable source of water - the water barrel collecting drips from the roof of the cave, that's hidden in the gully between the central buttress and the main pea ...

Hamersley Pool


Pyongoorup Peak Traverse


Curug - Cilember Waterfall

This panorama was taken during my business trip to Jakarta in March 2013. When I arrived in Jakarta I was quickly overwhelmed with the amount of traffic, the pollution, the impact humans made on the environment here, leaving very little room for the ...

Mt Cook Plateau

Mount Cook Plateau is one of the most popular destinations amongst mountain climbers visiting Southern Alps in New Zealand, but to our surprise, our climbing trio was the only one visiting the hut for five days! It was late December, supposedly perfe ...

Mt Cook Plateau Hut