Tomasz Judkowiak Photography

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Click on the image to view the 360-degree interactive version. Then use your mouse or keyboard arrows to move around and zoom. You can also use the control panel located in the bottom right corner of the virtual tour. Click on it to see more options like map, sharing, type of view etc.

Thunder Creek Falls - Haast River

Charles Knife Canyon at Dusk

Isongerup Peak

Troopcarriers of Australia's meetup at Ray's Outdoors

Bungle Bungle (Purnululu) - Whipsnake Gorge

El-Questro Gorge - waterfall

Tunnel Creek Cave

El Questro - Champagne Pools


El Questro - Zebedee Springs

While visiting Zebedee Springs in El Questro (Kimberley), I couldn’t resist exploring the area a little bit more than an average tourist and seeing “what’s up there”. I started scrambling up the steep rock slab with very little to grab onto, ...

Bungle Bungle (Purnululu) - Homestead Valley

Homestead Valley walk is a fairly new addition to walks available in Bungle Bungle. It's named after a former homestead that is believed to once existed in the valley, however no trace can be found after it today. It is indeed a breathtaking place, a ...