Waterhole - Kennedy Range

Continuing further into the gorge, I started following a dry creek bed in search for a waterhole. The bush was getting very thick, big rocks were blocking the way and it was getting harder and harder to hike. At one point I gave up and turned around, worried that all my effort would go for nothing while I remembered my half day hike to the end of another gorge the other day, that was fruitless.
While walking back, I looked back and noticed how close I was to the cliff face and I thought of giving it another go. I negotiated another path going through some high grass and after clearing some nasty spider webs I arrived at the location and there it was: the waterhole I was looking for.
Most pools at Kennedy Range are seasonal and dry out during the dry season, but this one was apparently large enough to stand against the time. The water smelled fresh and I had a refreshing splash which was great on this hot day.
What a beautiful and relaxing spot. I wish I could stay longer, but it started getting late and I had some bush bashing to do to get back to the car...

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