Third Arrow - Central Gully

The Third Arrow is like an oasis for bush walkers hiking along the ridge: it has the most reliable source of water - the water barrel collecting drips from the roof of the cave, that's hidden in the gully between the central buttress and the main peak (though considering increasing number of walkers even that can sometimes dry out). There's also a nice camping spot for couple of tents just below the gully which is very well protected from the wind and sun, making the stay very enjoyable and worthwhile for a bit longer, as there are numerous interesting rock formations in the area - like the Central Gully shown on this panorama.

Of course if you happened to camp near the Exposed Corner at Pyungoorup Traverse, camping here wouldn't make much sense as it would only take you about two hours to get here, but if you were determined to push on on your first day of the hike, this is the perfect place to stay overnight.

If you are unlucky enough and the spot below the water barrel is already occupied, there's another place where you can camp: a large cave located on the northern side of north buttress, which can accommodate up to eight people.

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