Sunset at Exposed Corner near Pyungoorup Peak

If you have an early start from the Boundary Fence Track and you are not pushing to do the ridge walk in two days, I very much recommend camping at one of the two spots on the traverse of the Pyungoorup Peak. Depending on the wind direction and weather you can either camp on the big ledge right at the start of the traverse (eastern end), or further west (maybe 100m) there's a shallow cave that can accommodate 4 to 6 people and is big enough to pitch a small tent inside.

The ledge is not a good idea if you happen to get easterly winds which will blow along the cliff face, in which case I'd highly recommend the cave which will be nice and quiet. The ledge will also be damp and cold in wetter seasons, but in the summer will be a welcoming place to camp at as it's in the shade most of the day and it's overgrown with soft grass. It is possible to collect water drops from the rocks here, but it's not very reliable source of water.

This place was one of my best camps on the ridge, although I did get easterly winds at night and it was too late to move to the cave. Despite that, the views, the soft and cool grass that you can walk on barefoot, and the Sun setting over Bluff Knoll were the best reward for all the effort and discomfort that day.

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