Peak Charles - The Cave

Peak Charles National Park - if you are an adventure enthusiast, don't mind millions of flies, no camping facilities, and possibly no help within 100km radius, this place is right what you're looking for. Peak Charles offers great quality multipitch climbing, plenty of space for bush walkers, magnificent views from the top and unforgettable starry night skies.

Here we are inside one of few caves inside this granite peak - it truly looks like an inside of an alien spaceship!

It's interesting how this and other similar caves in this region were created:

About 40 million years ago in the in epoch called Eocene, there was almost no ice present on Earth, causing the oceans to rise to 50-70 meters higher than the levels we can observe today. Large areas of South Australia were under water at that time and places like Peak Charles or Frenchman's Peak in Cape le Grand National Park would have been the islands. The caves were therefore created by the coastal erosion, i.e. waves!

I bet if you were not familiar with the prehistoric past of our planet, you would never have guessed that this was how they were formed!

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