New Zealand - Cascade Saddle

Trick or treat! Cheeky Keas alert! Keep an eye on them - they're really curious and intelligent birds and it only takes a moment before they steal your gear and throw it off the edge. This little fella has followed me from the bush line all the way to the Pylon and towards Mt Tyndall. She wasn't afraid to climb on way legs while I was resting at the Pylon and investigate my backpack for any potential treats. I've heard stories about keas locking climbers inside mountain shelters or throwing stones on the tin roof for the whole night. I also had an opportunity to experience their curious and destructive behavior first hand when they made few extra vents in my tent and totally destroyed the chair covers I left outside one of the nights. They can get quite annoying - especially at night when they turn your campsite into chaos, but I still love them!

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