Mount Ragged

Mt Ragged is an isolated peak in the Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia which can be accessed from the North - which is probably the recommended option, or South West - if you have 4WD vehicle. But be warned! The track is very rough and you are likely to encounter everything that off-roading can throw at you: loose sand, mud puddles, corrugations, and of course rocks - kilometers and kilometers of sharp rocks! It will really test your 4WD vehicle and your patience.

Once you eventually get there, you are welcomed by a sign warning against bee swarms and nests in the rock crevices. So wandering around off the marked trail is probably not a good idea because you may get (unpleasantly) surprised.

The climb is fairly easy, although steep at places, but I found notes in the logbook from people aging between 7 and over 70 so it's not that bad ;)

The summit rewards with beautiful 360-degrees view into the vastness of the national park.

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