Hancock Gorge - Regan's Pool

This is Regan's Pool. There is really only two ways to get down there and appreciate its beauty: this section of the Hancock Gorge is class 6, which means that you can only get there if you are a certified climber with proper climbing/abseiling equipment AND skills, or you get in touch with Pete from West Oz Active and join the group of canyoneers and he'll take care of the technical side of things for you. The latter will of course cost you money, but I highly recommend it - it's agreat fun.

I personally did both: went with West Oz Active first, but then decided to go with the gear again couple of days later, and take my time while waiting for the best light. It really paid off: the shots I've taken on the first visit didn't come up anywhere near the quality of the second one.

Do not attempt to climb down the waterfall to get downto the pool - not without proper equipment anyway! You will sustain an injury or kill yourself if you try to do so. Look again at the panorama: there's about 3.5 meters from the edge of the waterfall to the pool with a big overhang below, and even if you survive the fall, you will not be able to go back and will need to be rescued.
If that doesn't convince you, I recommend doing some reading about where the name "Regan's Pool" comes from.

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