El Questro - Zebedee Springs

While visiting Zebedee Springs in El Questro (Kimberley), I couldn’t resist exploring the area a little bit more than an average tourist and seeing “what’s up there”. I started scrambling up the steep rock slab with very little to grab onto, relying mostly on the friction of my deteriorating sandals. The climb was relatively easy however, challenging by the way of navigating the easiest line and it made me think that the way back might be difficult to find. I kept climbing up though, driven by my adventurist nature. About half way through the slab, I decided to take a break and capture this beautiful scenery around me.
As expected, the climb down was tricky. Everything looked the same and I couldn’t quite remember which way did I go up – one false move and I could tumble down like a rubber tire. More so, I had to be extremely careful not to dislodge any loose rocks and send them down on blissfully unaware tourists' heads bathing in the hot springs below. I kept telling myself: “take your time, don’t rush, watch every move you make”. It worked. I returned to the springs welcomed by few people who expressed their awe and wonder. Time to take a dip in nature’s own Jacuzzi. That’s what the adventure is all about!

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