Bell Gorge - Kimberley

Bell Gorge located in King Leopold Range is probably the most popular gorge along Gibb River Road with the nearby Silent Grove Campgrounds not so silent in the peak tourist season, being probably the busiest campsite in the whole of Kimberley.
There used to be more secluded bush camping available at Bell Creek Campground further down the road towards Bell Gorge but it’s been closed for sometime now.
I spotted two other big waterfalls on google earth that were located further down stream and I really wanted to get to them. I followed the south-west edge of the gorge and stumbled upon rock cairns that seemed to mark some sort of a trail, but no obvious path was visible and the track was difficult to find. The cairns led me to a small boab tree very close to the edge of the gorge, just below the second waterfall (third counting the main touristy fall), after which I couldn't find any other rock cairns. At first it seemed that it was possible to negotiate the cliff to get to the bottom of the gorge, but there was too much bush-bashing and loose rocks and I gave up.
If anyone knows where is that trail supposed to lead or if there’s a way to get to the bottom of the gorge below the falls, please contact me. Any info would be much appreciated.

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