My name is Tomasz Judkowiak and I am a hobbyist panographer.

I started spherical panography in 2008, but I have been passionate about photography since I was a kid. I remember my very first camera - it was Lomo’s Smena 8M. Of course it was the low end camera and the results were far from even being acceptable, but because it was exclusively manual, it taught me the technical aspects of photography, and to rely on my own senses rather than camera’s choice of settings.

The introduction of digital photography opened completely new venues, and I have been experimenting with macro, nocturnal and underwater photography since, but panoramic photography became my favourite and remains by this day.

Every panorama has its little story behind it, and each one poses some challenges - whether the weather, difficult light conditions, or often the remoteness and inaccessibility of the location, which makes them so special and unique.

Some of those places are hardly even mentioned in any guide books, and if they are, I try to present them in an unusual way: by suspending the viewers over the edge of a cliff, or putting them high in the sky with the birds; all make them… make you! - feel like you are part of a great adventure.

The adventure starts here ladies and gentlemen…